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As long time patient of Dr. Brouner, I was apprehensive about his retiring because of the wonderful care we always got from him and his office staff. I listened to how the staff talked about this young doctor coming into the practice and I was satisfied that they were all impressed by her skills and bragged about her friendly personality. I have since found all of their praises to be true. The transition to a new dentist has been seamless, with the added benefit of a pretty face (no offense Dr. B.) What's more Dr. Amaral lets me talk while she is working in my mouth, she's a miracle-worker---and she laughs at my jokes while she is doing all of this. Jokes aside, thanks Dr. Amaral for the work and care you put into maintaining my dental health. In the special situation I have you are always encouraging, diligent, and creative in finding ways to deal with it.


- Joe


My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Amaral for nearly five years, during which time, we have come to know and enjoy her high quality professional care and dedicated commitment to deliver caring and personalized attention to her patients. She is simply “awesome”. . . And her entire family of competent and courteous staff has always made our visits to the Dentist’s chair less stressful, and actually quite enjoyable, and her Hygienists compliment the superb quality care given at her clinic. For instance, I think Vicky is probably one of the best, if not the very best hygienist in the State of Nevada.


- John


My family and I have been a patient of Dr. Amaral's for over five years. Even though most people wouldn't associate pleasure with going to the dentist, I can honestly say that it is a pleasure for me. I look forward to coming whether it is for a teeth cleaning, a filling, or X-rays or minor surgery. From the friendly, helpful, professional, office staff, to the amazing, kind, knowledgeable dental hygienists, to the gentle, calming, efficient dental assistants, to the amazing, excellent, on the cutting edge, professional yet always caring Dr. Amaral, I am so lucky to be a patient. I always know that if a procedure or product is recommended by Dr. Amaral or the dental hygienists, it is necessary for my good health and not a just a way to make more money. The whole team is prudent yet proactive for my best dental care and health and is always updating techniques, equipment, and research. I recently had an issue with ongoing bacteria and plaque build-up. Dr. Amaral and her team worked to get me stabilized with education, product recommendations, removal of wisdom teeth, and follow-up visits. It was a serious problem that took extra care to solve. With my trust in this team, I knew that everything I was asked to do was critical to fix this problem before it became worse. I feel like part of a family there, one that has my best interest in mind. Even my husband, who is deathly afraid of going to the dentist, is a fan. Everyone needs to be a patient of such an outstanding office.


- Ann


Dr. Amaral and her staff have been like family to me over the past several years. The feel of the office is warm and friendly yet professional. Dr. Amaral has always given me the right direction I needed for my teeth, has a gentle touch and a bedside manner far above standard. It is possible to have fun when going to the dentist even when they get the needle out because you know you are in safe hands. I can truly say that I love the office and look forward to my visits because I know that they will be full of laughter and all kidding aside a fantabulous crew!!!!!!!


- Dawn


Dr. Amaral, I have been a patient of your office for 30 years and cannot say enough about how happy I am with your service and staff. Your dedication to your patients and concern for them really reflect in your work. I have always had great service, timely appointments whenever I need them, and great dental work, and I have had a lot of work!! Your staff is very kind and treats you as if you were their friend! I have moved since I first started at your practice and you are a lot further away then before, but I would never think about changing to a closer office. I am dedicated to you as you are with your patients!!!


- Julia


Originally, I was referred to Dr. Brouner by a co-worker. I was told he had a new dentist in the office, but my co-worker hadn’t had any interactions with “her”. Hmmm, “her!” I had never had a female dentist before (obviously my loss), but it didn’t matter because my appointment was with Dr. Brouner. I saw Dr. Brouner one time before I was “switched” to Dr. Amaral. At first, I was very skeptical and apprehensive because I wasn’t referred to Dr. Amaral. Those feelings changed the moment (ok, maybe 5 minutes) after I met Dr. Amaral. She was warm, caring and had a sense of humor – yes, a dentist with a sense of humor! As I have gotten to know Dr. Amaral through the years, my entire perception of dentists have changed, for the better. I can talk to her like I would talk to a friend and she responds like I am a friend. I had never laughed in a dental office before Dr. Amaral’s office; now it is a regular occurrence. She is current, perceptive and down-to-earth. She takes time for your questions and concerns. Because of her and her staff, I actually look forward to my dental appointments! For something that I was so anxious and hesitant about, I can honestly say I am very grateful and thankful for that “switch” so many years ago. I trust Dr. Amaral explicitly and highly recommend her.


- Elizabeth


Your office has been a part of our family for many years going back to the Dr. Brouner days. We always appreciated the warm welcome from the staff and treating us like good friends. But the epitome of caring was shown last summer (2009) when Alicia discovered the lumps in my daughters neck. The concern did not end with that visit but continued through the summer with surgery and treatment for thyroid cancer. It was a blessing that some of the other women in the office had a similar experience and were able to comfort, assure and pray for our daughter.


- Karen


Thank you for taking care of my recent emergency. This is the second emergency I have had since you became my new dentist. Both times, you displayed time efficiency in getting the job done, but also you showed me your expertise & knowledge. As I approach 66, I must say that I have been blessed with very good dentists in my life with the amount of work that has been required. You have exceeded all my expectations! I am very thankful that you became my dentist! I also want to thank you for you sharing the knowledge of the new technology as you have worked on my dental-problems. I find it very interesting in learning what progress has been made in the dental profession. Lastly, your office staff & dental assistants are "fun" people. It sure makes going to the dentist a fun experience. I am also very pleased with my new dental-hygienist, Vickie. She sure does an excellent job, and is such a warm-loving person too. Your dental office is a fun experience for me, as it probably is for you too!


- Craig


We are so blessed to have you as our family dental specialists. Every time our "family" enters your office, we feel the warmth and caring from your close-nit staff. We view your staff as a family meeting the needs of our family. We sincerely appreciate your knowledge and passion to always meet our dental needs.


- Rob and Dayna


Our family has been with Dr. Brouner for 30 plus years. Although change is sometimes difficult for people, we were delighted to have you accept us as patients in your new practice. We are especially appreciative of the ease of making an appointment and timely service. You have a gentle touch and do great work.


- Sue


In 2007, I was diagnosed with throat cancer and my course of treatment was strong radiation. I was told my teeth would be negatively effected and I had to take extra special care of them. My childhood phobia of dental offices, dentist paraphernalia, drills, and distrust of dentists, didn't help me handle the sentence of strict dental care very well. I was very displeased with the dentist I had and started looking around until I found Melissa Amaral, DDS and her great staff. I need "gas" to sit down in a dental chair, and Doctor Amaral's office provides it for me without shaming me or making me feel like a baby. On the contrary. I am treated with respect and understanding on every visit. I feel comfortable and welcome at Doctor Amaral's office, whether I'm having cavities filled or just a cleaning. I still don't like going to the dentist, but it's a lot easier since I know I'll be treated with TLC and understanding by Doctor Amaral, Carrie and Vickie and the rest of the great staff.


- Michele


The patient care provided by Dr. Melissa Amaral and her team is by far some of the best I have ever received. They truly treat every patient like a member of the family, and make the health and comfort of their patients a top priority. I would highly recommend, without hesitation, Dr. Amaral and her team to anybody seeking dental care. Dr. Amaral and her office have my stamp of approval.


- Regina